Team Netherlands

The award-winning Dutch national debate team is young talent performing at the highest level.


Students use logic and empricial evidence to build strong arguments for their cases.

Public Speaking

Students become effective communicators: they speak confidently and analyze clearly.


Students are taught foundational concepts from economics, politics, philosophy and social science.


Students are taught to work in teams and show leadership under immense pressure.

Get involved for Bali 2017

Want to receive world-class coaching as a speaker? Be part of Team Netherlands 2017 for the World Championships in Bali, Indonesia? Selection is open for all high school students in the Netherlands, regardless of experience with parliamentary debate. We look for team-players who are driven, thrive with feedback and have a passion for public speaking.

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About us

The DSDC Foundation was started in 2000 by current Dutch minister of Justice Ard van de Steur to select and guide the Dutch national debate team. Our coaching team selects talented high school students and prepares them for the World Schools Debating Championships.
Students attend weekly coaching sessions and international tournaments as preperation for the world championships.

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